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Be a savvy home owner


by brenda nykamp on 11/10/13

So happy to be entering the crazy beautiful and hectic WONDERFUL holiday season! Yes we LOVE it! It is such a joy to help others keep their homes beautiful and make life a little easier for our loyal clients! 

Need to change your schedule? No problem, we can work with that!  Need a little extra done? We do that too! Spread the word and get 20% off your next invoice if someone you know becomes a client! Happy Holidays !!- Brenda

Spring time in Kansas!

by brenda nykamp on 05/11/13

Wow. It has been beautiful outside and things are turning green! Lovely! We are working hard to keep our clients homes in great shape ESPECIALLY this time of year. A few more graduation parties, thorough spring cleaning and just some extras so our clients can plant that garden and enjoy those spring activities. 

We have added another team member this past week! If you have not met her already you will soon.  Enjoy this great weather and keep posted for some cleaning specials we have coming up! 
Are you interested in a gift certificate for someone special? Maybe Mothers day?  Give us a call or contact us through email....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Christmas is coming!

by brenda nykamp on 12/17/12

There is so much to be done for holiday preparations, who has time to clean? WE DO!! Let us make your life easier so you have time to enjoy the holidays, family and friends.  We can make your house sparkle and shine and leave it with the natural smells of winter! Let your holiday be a stress free time. Wishing you the best of the season!

Beautiful wood floors

by brenda nykamp on 06/07/12

There are many products on the market for wood floors as well as tools to clean them. I love it. No two wood floors are alike, really.  

Things to consider:
The age of your floor, the type of wood, the finish it currently has, length of time between cleanings, the usage of the floor. Pets? Children? 
If shoes are worn in your home and dirt is tracked in there may be evidence of scratches. Animals nails can also cause scratches as well as toys and furniture . 
Over time your floors care products and methods should change just as your wood floor does. The Mercantile sells several natural products we are a huge fan of! And the two top hands down best methods are " hands and knees" and steam cleaning, the third is the microfiber mop. A wood floor should never be truly "wet mopped" . This is explained on our walk through consultation.
Once the method and product are decided on and the floor is thoroughly cleaned, the results are amazing! They are easy to maintain, they take a lot of abuse and they are simply gorgeous when given the proper care and attention! 


by brenda nykamp on 05/02/12

So excited to hear the birds and smell the fresh scent of spring.  We are going to try and grow a vegetable garden this year. This will be quite different than the Michigan gardens we had.  But maybe we can pull it off and if not there is always the wonderful Lawrence farmers market! I firmly believe in supporting local farmers and any small business.

Since I will be digging in the dirt soon I thought it appropriate to make another batch of homemade laundry soap. I started doing this when one of our girls had a skin condition and I just love it!  I use Fels Naptha soap or Ivory and grate it then  add equal parts Borax and Baking powder from the laundry section. Sometimes I add some essential oils for a different scent but it already smells good. If you are interested and need exact ratios just google home made laundry soap! have a blessed week!

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